Thursday, August 25, 2011

it's been a while since i last surf the net with my own laptop
feel so good to slack like this in my 2nd home :)
how nice if my right hand can function normally :(

anyways, found this folder in my photo library that contains picture i took when i was in between. in between of being a student and a working adult.

am lucky that the duration wasn't too long for me. as i managed to get myself employed to a social media advertising company. still in the midst of discovering my interest in this field. give me 2 more months, will decide before the bond starts :)

anyways, photos bring back memories. it's been 2 and a half month since i came back from korea. my awesome grad trip ! let me bring myself back to june !

First stop: My ex single room

this was a photo taken in my awesome room after unpacking from my korea trip. facial product bought / taken for free. super awesome !

aww.. how i miss this emo-ish placeee..

i dont get to use this bed sheet anymore.. and i love the drawers!

my bulletin board.

the best deco on my wall. they are all packed into a box now.

Next stop: CWS's room @ hall 14

awww... dont u miss your messy table, boss?

the spacious-but-not-as-comfy-as-mine single room

hall life was unforgettable.

next: SRC

took this photo after an evening jog at NTU SRC.

so.............. fat. HAHAHAHAHAH!!

on one of the emo-ish night, i decided to move out from hall, rather than being charged for over staying.

it was a 2-day notice. i got nowhere to go but to shift to cws' place for temporary stay.

haha that's what they did when i was packing. fully utilise the time the space the stuff i have!

i threw a lot of things


check-out from my room-sweet-room T.T

i miss u, hall 8 blk 44, #05-833S (wow i can still rmb clearly!)
though u didnt really treat me good.


ws' 2nd home :) a new chapter begins!

property of ms lim ying yan. dont look down on my china-bag!

and i owned this queen-sized bed for ard a week since he was in msia that time :D

i was a bit emo on my first night there, as things happened too soon. that i do not have time to think. and i didnt even settled my job and have not found a place to stay yet.

well, glad that his housemates accepted me quite well, and threw me a welcome party on my first night :)


i still rmb we were all job-less during that period. it was so fast ! all of us are employed and gotten our first pay already. time to celebrate?


job hunting was tiring. i managed a few obstacles all by myself. with some support from family friends and the bf. hence, i made it through, and rush home before i start working :)

the boy i love. but he is getting more and more naughty already. time to nag him!

gotten myself the shortest haircut ever. and i love this with this curl! :D
(syiok sendiri :P)

-fast forward-
back in sg for my first job :)

so far so good?

and this is my 2nd home, peeps. *applause*

and my room-sweet-room

and well. time to end this post. the reason why i am so free to update this long post is,

i injured my arm T.T

yes. i slipped and fell in the bathroom the night before. roarsssssssssss... 11 days of mc. $200 on medical fee. and im gonna cry for losing so much $$ for non-paid leavessss ~~~~ T.T

*maybe i shouldn't care about $ so much?*

Monday, May 9, 2011

i'm working towards my goal.
enjoyed the process but definitely aiming for a positive payoff!
it's tiring but it is ending soon.
hang in there, ying yan.

tomorrow, the day after tomorrow.
then, that's it.
i will graduate,
i MUST graduate!!

*my effort will pay off, cross fingers*

Monday, December 6, 2010

emo max.

when did language pass year papers become so tough to me?
or is it really my problem that i dont remember what i learnt?
or is it because things that we have not learnt before will actually come out in the exam?

sonsengnim, reply my email tmr, okay?!
tell me that i can ignore the pyp can?
tell me that u guys changed the syllabus can?

and and
i spent so much time in forensic science:
listening to lecture recording,
doing notes,
anylyzing and trying to memorize the cases.
but today i just failed to ans 90% of the questions my friend pointed out to me!
how !? tell me how !?

i really couldn't continue anymore.
am scared.
will the paper come out to be like this !?

blame it on the pms then.

*i dont know why but you are needed now*

Monday, November 15, 2010

believe it or not?

guess what?


oh my god i just cant believe it !!
tickects booked. :)

this time,
im gonna travel with another 4 coursemates.
i hope that LIN ZHITING wont quarrel with anyone of us during the 10-day trip.

im gonna watch more korean series and do more research.
and and
im gonna ask for more info from my 선생님 (teacher in korean)
i cant wait for june to come :D:D:D

한국 아이
(korean kids if i am right)



Wednesday, October 27, 2010

do me a favour

some conversations brought me back to the memories that i have locked and sealed.


i'm not sure how many readers i have.
not sure whether you will be reading this.
but allow me to speak my thought here.

"just let go and move on!
we do not deserve all these shit!"

*or was it not a good closure?*

Sunday, September 5, 2010

oh btw,

*thank you ♥*

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

school reopened.
busy busy busy!

am waiting for emails emails and emails to proceed to the planning part.

how should i describe this?
pek cek? moody?

my to-do-list for UWW is so damn long!
my stars planner is not settled yet!
i don't know which module to choose!
my room is like so messy!


*it is gonna be over soon!*